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Computer Systems

Terminals Selection:

307X Data Capture Terminals
Product Number: 3070B
Introduced: 1978
Price: $3200
3075A Data Capture TerminalCatalogue Reference: 1979, page 637


The data capture terminals were designed for use in manufacturing environments by operators with little or no computer experience. These terminals had abbreviated keyboards and "prompting lights".

The 3070B was introduced in 1978. It had a single-line display with a card reader and a small built-in thermal printer. The 3070B was replaced by the 3075A ($2090 to $3845 depending on configuration), 3076A ($2475 to $4230) and 3077A ($2530 to $3485) in 1979.

The 3076A was a wall-mounted version of the 3075A. For more details on these terminals, see page 639 of the 1980 HP catalog.

307X Data Capture Terminals - Documentation

92900ASubsystem-3070ATerminal-40280ASerialLinkController-Diagnostic-92900-90003-27pages-Oct76.pdf 0.206 MB

92900B-TerminalSubsystemDiagnostic-92900-90003-45pages-Jun78.pdf 0.472 MB

RTEDriverDVA47_For92900A_TerminalSubsystem_92900-90005_41pages_Oct76.pdf 0.442 MB

SerialLinkDriverDVA47_ProgrammingAndOperatingManual_92900-90005_55pages_Feb80.pdf 0.42 MB

Thanks to HPMuseum for this documentation